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Flexicare continues to look for the most innovative ways to provide neonatologists, nurses, and parents cost-effective options to properly diagnose, monitor, and care for our most important patients — our children. A clear example of this is our recent acquisition of NeoForce™ — a developer of innovative infant pulmonary resuscitation solutions for inpatient and ambulatory neonatal markets.


Of newborns require some assistance to begin breathing1


Approximate number of newborns requiring extensive resuscitative measures2

Our Products

A range of Infant pulmonary resuscitation solutions


The NeoPIP Infant Resuscitator is intended for emergency manual pulmonary resuscitation for infants less than 10kg using precise pressure control.

Infant Resuscitator T-Piece Circuit

The Infant Resuscitator T-Piece Circuit with Adjustable PEEP adds positive end expiratory pressure breathing capability to a Manual Resuscitator.
CPRNome™ Resuscitation Timer

Resuscitation Kits

Conveniently packaged for all your resuscitation needs in one easy-to-open pouch.
face mask

Face Masks

Clear face masks are completely disposable to eliminate cross contamination risks and associated reprocessing costs.
CPRNome™ Resuscitation Timer

Universal Mounting Bracket

The Universal Mounting Bracket fits to the rear of the NeoPIP Infant Resuscitator.


1American Heart Association, Guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and emergency cardiovascular care Part 15: Neonatal Resuscitation 2010 (2010) Circulation 122: S909-19

2Barber CA, Wyckoff MH. Use and efficacy of endotracheal versus intravenous epinephrine during neonatal cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the delivery room. Pediatrics. 2006;118:1028–1034. doi: 10.1542/peds.2006-0416.

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