NeoPIP™ Infant Resuscitator

The first breaths of life are crucial and in a stressful code situation it is easy to over pressurize the lungs with a bag. The lightweight, robust NeoPIP™ Infant Resuscitator provides controlled and accurate resuscitation and ventilation of newborns, neonates and infants up to 10kg.

Adjustable maximum pressure relief (pop-off) valve and Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP) control to quickly and safely set the required levels.

Large easy-to-read manometer aids pre-use set-up and clearly shows the delivered pressures during use.

Used in conjunction with a blender and flow meter, NeoPIP™ delivers accurate oxygen concentrations between 21% and 100%, even at flow rates as low as 4LPM.

Key Features:

  • Smaller and lighter than products from leading competitors
  • Made from tough aluminum
  • Less expensive than built in solutions

Clinical Benefits:

  • To provide manual resuscitation using preset PIP and PEEP
  • To prevent unintentional delivery of high peak inflation pressures
  • To maintain adequate PEEP to keep lungs open between inspirations; to allow use of two hands to properly maintain an adequate airway seal
  • To provide users who do not frequently use a bag and mask with a precise way to deliver required pressures during resuscitation
  • Less fatiguing to use as it does not require the physical compression of a bag – only the covering of a delivery valve to initiate a breath

NeoPIP™ Infant Resuscitator

Product Code Description Qty
NF-100 NeoPIP™ Infant Resuscitator 1

Flexicare acquires NeoForce

On July 18th 2017, Flexicare, Inc. completed its acquisition of NeoForce, Inc. from its owners Soleno, Inc. for an undisclosed amount. NeoForce is a fast-growing US based neonatal devices company providing innovative pulmonary resuscitation solutions for inpatient and...
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