Infant Resuscitator T-Piece Circuit

The Infant Resuscitator T-Piece Circuit with precision PEEP valve provides accurate PEEP when used in conjunction with the NeoPIP. This valve is designed into the breathing circuit T-Piece with a standard fitting for face mask, laryngeal mask or endotracheal tube attachment.

Universal Connection

Standard 15mm connection, Universal T-piece connector and circuit length of 75 inches.

Universal Circuit

The Infant Resuscitator T-Piece Circuit works with all your T-Piece devices without an adaptor.

Precise PEEP

Easy-to-adjust PEEP valve that rotates to set precise expiratory pressures for patients < 10Kg.

Controlled Delivery

Finger/thumb port to control inspiration and expiration, by placing the thumb/finger over the port opening to inflate the lungs, and removing for exhalation.

Colored Connections

Colored valve body making the circuit more visible at the bedside and easy to locate in emergency situations.

Single Patient Use

Single patient use product eliminates the risk of cross contamination and conforms to the neonatal resuscitation guidelines.

Product Code Description Qty

Infant Resuscitator T-Piece Circuit 1.9m (75”) with Adjustable PEEP