NeoPIP™ Infant Resuscitator

The lightweight and durable NeoPIP™ Infant Resuscitator provides controlled and accurate resuscitation and ventilation of newborns, neonates and infants up to 10kg.

NeoPIP is intended for emergency manual resuscitation of infants in the critical care environment. There are a number of clinical benefits to using NeoPIP:

Adjustable Pressures

High Pressure Limit, PIP and PEEP levels are adjustable to meet the unique ventilatory requirements of each patient.

Precise PEEP Levels

The precision PEEP valve provided on every T-Piece circuit delivers desired pressure levels without “drift” during use.

Pressure Monitoring

A easy-to-read manometer accurately displays airway pressures throughout all phases of ventilation.

Consistent Care

The easy-to-use NeoPIP and T-Piece circuit reduce variations in care, ensuring each breath is delivered in a similar manner.

Do More With Less

Powered by 6 L/min, NeoPIP requires less gas flow to operate, for less gas consumed and improved transport range.

Durable & Dependable

Each NeoPIP unit is built to last; a solid case and metal fittings resist damage leading to long service life.

NeoPIP™ Infant Resuscitator

Product Code Description Qty
NF-100U NeoPIP™ Infant Resuscitator 1